Nick and Sam’s- an Uptown Steak House

06 Sep

Part Deux

4 September 2009

We took another visit to Nick and Sam’s in Dallas, TX last night. I really like this place. It was hopping last night and we were entertaining some friends and new investors from Chicago.

On theme that I notice here… They will always try to give you the crappiest table in the house unless you make it clear that that’s not acceptable. Eventually, you’ll get seated where you want if you’re persistant.

It’s funny, but reading my review from three months ago, I really don’t have that much to add. I was almost reluctant to order the Chateaubriand again since it was soooo good last time I thought it wouldn’t stand up to my fond memories…

We started with the misting mixed seafood cocktail again. The oysters and littlenecks were excellent! Steve and I shared the house chopped salad of lettuce, onion, cheese, lobster, etc. Very tasty! The lobster is understated and gives a nice protein kick to the greens. Mike and George shared the beefsteak tomato, onion, and cheese salad.

We shared the chateaubriand among three of us, it was just as tasty as last time. Salty ribs, well prepared filet, delicious. We added a side of lobster mac and cheese and haricot verts.

After dinner we were stuffed. Even splitting salads, splitting the entre’s and going light on the appetizers, we were all stuffed when the waiter brought a 16″ tall, seven layer chocolate cake to look at… It had no appeal to me personally, so, I just ordered an espresso. The restaurant manager brought us some tawny port with compliments… cheese sounded good… They didn’t have anything on the menu, but, the waiter said he’d check if they could throw something together… They brought us a plate with raspberries, basil leaves, a huge chunk or romano, some crumbled bleu cheese, a ball of goat cheese, and a few slices of a nice sheepsmilk cheese. Like the port, this was also comped.

All in all, it was a great meal. Wine, cocktails, dinner for 5 came to just over $500.


21 May 2009

We had a couple of business meetings in Texas the last couple of days and ended up at Nick and Sam’s Restaurant in Dallas, TX last night.

Nick and Sam’s is a great, somewhat fancy steakhouse. It’s a little old school but not “dated”. They obviously have a huge wine collection, because you are surrounded by it when you first walk in the door. There is a large glass enclosed collection to the right where expensive bottles of bordeaux are signed by famous people and proudly displayed. I’m told that this is the private collection of the owner.

Also, along the back walls are floor to cieling racks of numbered lots of wine. The place is dark, but not dungeon like.

As you walk through the “wine cellar” portion of the restaurant, you come to a large bar surrounded by small tables for casual dining. This area is pretty loud and they tend to keep the volume up on the sound system at a level where comfortable conversation is difficult if you’re not inebriated. They serve martinis in stainless steel martini glasses. Personally, I prefer crystal, but, they’re going for a look here.

Once you pass the bar, you enter a large, more formal dining room that is not quite as wild and loud. There is a large formal table in the middle, booths around the perimeter, and round 6-8 tops everywhere else. At the one end of the dining room is the kitchen which is open if you want to watch, but, strangely, has a large grand piano in it.

Last night there was no pianist playing, but, when we were there a month or two ago, they had live piano music. Still kind of strange having the piano in the kitchen…

This is primarily a steak house- The kind of steak house that makes you feel sorry for vegetarians. Once we were seated and our drink orders placed, the very professional waiter from Bulgaria brought us a board with the days beef specials. It had a giant, dry-aged ribeye with a 2-foot long rib bone connected to it like a large tomohawk. There was a 44oz double cut porterhouse, and a ridiculously large chateaubriand. It all looked great.

As we were deciding, they brought out a plate of cold seafood for the table. Prawns, oysters, clams, crab, etc. with a smoking bowl of dry ice in the middle covering it all in a mysterious cloud. It was excellent.

For the main course, I split the chateaubriand with one of my business partners. It was huge but delicious. Think of a 5lb filet mignon. Seasoned, and crisp on the outside, and red and tender on the inside. I’m not normally a filet kind of guy, but this was really good. On the other side of the table, they carved and split the porterhouse into it’s componant parts of New York and Filet Mignon. This was probably 4 inches thick. Huge steak that the captain cuts and serves tableside leaving a giant bone to gnaw on.

For the sides they brought some sautee’d mushrooms with a home made steak sauce and a foie-gras cream sauce. The mushrooms were good, the sauces as well, but, the steak didn’t need any cover-ups. Truly great steak should stand on its own merits. We also had creamed spinach (which was ok) and some really great macaroni and cheese that was mixed with bits of Maine lobster meat and crusted with breadcrumbs. Rich and tasty.

We paired it with an inexpensive California Merlot. Nice wine, but, well under $100.

This was definately not “the” best steak I’ve had, but, was on the top rung. It’s the kind of place that you could have a formal, fancy dinner, or just eat at the bar in short sleeves and be comfortable. Worth a stop of you’re having a hangering for meet…

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